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Sheet Metal Product Applications

Process exhaust systems - stainless steel, galvanized, black iron, and aluminum

Cleanroom air systems

Complete HVAC

Custom sheet metal fabrication - custom enclosures, support stands, system packaging and integration

Product Types




Available in diameters from 3 through 60 inches, with thicknesses from 26 through 16 gauge.



Hanger Strap, Flat Drive, Standing Drive, Flat S, Standing S, S Drive and Ductmate

Stamped Fittings

ROLOK Products is an authorized Stamped Fittings, Inc. Distributor

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A Full Range of Sheet Metal Products

Lined Duct Prepared for Shipping

Offering a variety of sheet metal products , ROLOK can fabricate your order using various materials including: Galvanized steel, black iron, copper, aluminum and stainless steel from 26 gauge to 3/16". All products meet or exceed SMACNA standards, often utilizing heavier gauge material than required. Orders are custom built, we do not warehouse products for future distribution, ensuring that each order is built to specification in order to reduce installation time in the field. ROLOK can also meet any needs for internally insulated duct and ductboard fabrication.

A Leading Name in the HVAC Marketplace

We understand the HVAC industry and are dedicated to providing you with premium-quality products at a reasonable cost. ROLOK specializes in products for jobs on tight schedules and meets these schedules at no extra charge in all but the most extreme cases.

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