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Premium Quality Sheet Metal Fabrication for the Industry

West Section of ROLOK Products Shop with Coil Line ROLOK Product's 35,000 Sq. Sheet Metal Shop Welding a Large Duct Fitting

Equipment to Meet Any Need

5 Coil Line

Plasma Cutting Machine

Spiral Pipe Machine

Spiral Pipe Ovalizer

Covered Box Delivery Trucks

ROLOK is a Southland Industriescompany, full building systems provider.  Southland is pleased to offer those in the industry the same quality of sheet metal products that we use on our own projects. Employing highly skilled craftsman from the Local 16 Sheet Metal Workers union ROLOK Products is committed to providing you the best available products for your job.

State of the Art Sheet Metal Fabrication Facility

Located just off the I-5 corridor on Swan Island, the ROLOK Products 35,000 square foot facility is one of the largest in the region. Quality begins with the use of only the finest in materials and equipment. Housing some of technology's latest tools available to the sheet metal industry, your order can be manufactured to your specifications and timeline. The extensive use of computer-controlled machinery assures the ROLOK Products trademark fit, finish and repeatability between product runs.

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